Tractors at school in Dolores

A few lucky students that are part of the FFA program at the Dolores High School got to drive tractors to school on Tuesday. It was FFA week at the school and students celebrated by driving their tractors to school and a host of other week long events, including a crazy hat day. Students then shared their tractors with all the preschool and elementary students in Dolores. The students were thrilled to see the big equipment.

Also, the students surprised Karla Haley at Karla's kitchen when they drove their tractors to lunch.


Good news ice cream lovers, you can get your fix at one more place in Dolores, starting this week. The newly opened coffee shop in Dolores, The Pony Expresso, started carrying ice cream this week!


Dolores Girl Scouts were spotted in Cortez this week pushing their cookies. Buy some cookies from these sweet girls.


Valentine's Day marked the 31st anniversary for Deanna and Val Truelsen as owners of the Ponderosa Restaurant. Great job Val and Deanna.


Sign language was being taught across Dolores this week and last. A group of students at the Dolores Elementary School started taking classes recently, taught by Shirley Tourjee. Also, Bethany Tourjee, a senior at Dolores High School, has started a sign language club which meets at the Pony Expresso.

After helping Mrs. Tourjee at the elementary school this week with her class, I learned one thing - my hands are out of shape. I didn't know this was possible, but my hands were sore after the sign class, just like I know I would be if I were to head back to the gym.


The Annual Chamber of Commerce Spring banquet date has been set: mark your calendars for April 27. Also mark your calendars for the Great Outdoors silent auction, an auction and fun night of films put on by the group that puts on the Dolores River Festival. That event is scheduled for April 26. Should be a fun weekend.

The 10th Annual Dolores River Festival will be June 1 this year.



Feb. 22 - Lee Atkinson, Charles Greenwood, Linda Shields, Stephanie Sommers Sturdevant, Feliz Mattson, Chris Powell, Kara Suckla, Richard Shields and daughter Johnee Antonia Shields, Katherine Elice Pemberton, Dick Kirkpatrick, Carla Bishop

Feb.23 - Kevin Willbanks, Joshua Brian Estes, Lecil Elaine James, Becky Clark

Feb. 24 - Mischelle Garner, Bossie McEwen

Feb. 25 - Kris Rantz, Jeanne Scrivner

Feb.26 - Burl Tabor, Jody Payne, Kinzee Blyth Shull

Feb.27 - Jimmer Moore, Deborah Cole, Jameson Wahlquist

Feb.28 - Matthew Earl Morrison,

Happy Anniversary to Jim and Judy Lewis, Penny and Geno Thompson.

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