Hollywood fire case put away

After nearly seven months of investigation, the Montezuma County Sheriff's Department recently announced that the arson investigation case of the Aug. 2 fire that burned the historic Hollywood Bar and a nearby art gallery has been closed.

The files has been put in the closed/inactive file, according to Lt. Ted Meador with the Montezuma County Sheriff's Department.

"We have exhausted everything," Meador explained, who added that the owners of both the bar and the art gallery were notified of the investigation change. "Unfortunately at this point, it's a closed file."

Late at night on Aug. 2, a fire was reported having started behind the Hollywood Bar and Grill. The fire quickly engulfed the historic bar and the neighboring Fusion Studios. The fire was quickly ruled the work of an arsonist and an award of $5,000 was offered by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation for information leading to an arrest.

Meador said they did not get one phone call stemming from the posters that were put on the building advertising for information or from Crimestopper advertising and awards.

"We did not get one single phone call," Meador said.

For weeks - if not months - following the fire, people slowly drove by to look at the burned out remains of the bar. Others sat in the park and told stories of the bar, others left flowers out front.

Today, the lot that once held the Hollywood and Fusion Studios, sits empty. So far, The Star, has not received word on plans to rebuild either.

Meador added that if there are any new developments or leads, the case will be reopened immediately.

He added, that they hope that somewhere along the way someone will likely get arrested and be able of offer up information about the case.