Snow day appreciated by many

Students were thrilled Monday morning to learn that the Dolores School District cancelled school because of too much snow and a large amount was expected to fall Monday. Other area schools did not call a snow day and the forecast turned out to be false. It did not snow too much on Monday, well, if we could figure out how to predict the weather we would have it made, since even the weather experts seem to get it wrong on occasion.

In the meantime, Dolores is once again a winter wonderland. That ugly mud, for the most part, is covered up and town employees have started the seemingly unending task of hauling snow out from the center of roads, which is needed in some areas more than others, there are some snow piles between 15 and 20 feet high!


Marlene Hazen, of Rico fame, stopped in this week to say she had a blast in Steamboat Springs. She was one of 40 former Winter Carnival Queens to be recognized at the event's 100-year anniversary.

She and Ken are now headed to Tucson, Ariz. to enjoy some warm weather for the next few months. I begged her to take me with her.


There is some good music coming to Dolores. Be sure to check the community announcements.



Feb. 15 - Don Setser, Mark Nielson, Troy Combee

Feb.16 - Thurl Boyd, Clarence Williams, Wilson Lancaster, Dennis Fisher, Tanner Suckla, Jacob Haley

Feb.17 - Harold Ragland, Melodee Tibbits, Brandy Lynn Harrison, Ray Laner

Happy Anniversary to Dan & Lynn Avery.

Feb.18 - Becky Oliver, Bethany Jane Maxwell, MacKenzie T. Branson

Feb.19 - Mark Roberts, Robert James Houston, Weston Fisher

Feb.20 - Gene Watkins, Betty Bowden Kitlica, Karen Francisco

Feb. 21 - Wayne Chadwick.

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