No marijuana on public property

The Dolores Town Board voted unanimously Monday night to make it illegal to consume marijuana on town property.

The ordinance approved Monday states that consumption of the now legal drug in the state of Colorado, on any town property, including parks, is illegal. A similar law with alcohol is also in affect. However, alcohol can be consumed on said property, if a special permit is approved by the board.

"Does this mean that people at events such as Riverfest will be able to get special permits and sell marijuana, like they do with alcohol?" Megan Waterman asked Town Attorney Mike Green.

Green said that a situation like that has not come up yet in Colorado.

"If someone next to you lights up and you don't like the smoke, this allows us to handle the situation," Green said.

The board also read a new ordinance for first reading, that makes it illegal for 18- to 20-year-olds to consume alcohol in town, something that is already illegal, but needs to be put on the books in town to help law enforcement deal with underage drinking along the river.

"You are seeing a lot more people in your parks, a lot more people use them and alcohol is going to be an issue," Green said.

"This just gives officers tools they felt they didn't have," Green said.

In other action, the Dolores Town Board approved a $250 donation to Operation Graduation.

The organization hosts a non-alcoholic party, this year at the Cortez Recreation Center, to give seniors a safe and secure way to celebrate. This year, they expect 64 graduates, when compared to last years 30 graduates.

"I understand the class size is bigger, but our purse is not bigger," Mayor Val Truelsen said.

Also, Town Manager Ryan Mahoney said that he was approached by a group of high school students who are interested in a civic project that will likely see if they can install a frisbee golf course at Joe Rowell park.

"They would have to go through all the public process to make this happen," Mahoney said.

Mahoney also reported that the February sales tax was down.

Mahoney also told the board that the dream to have groomed cross county ski trails in Dolores did not die when the snowmobile went up in smoke earlier this year. He said the town still has grooming equipment and is looking at some options to purchase another used snowmobile.

The snowmobile that was donated by the Chicken Creek Cross County ski area caught fire after it was first used.

At the end of Monday's meeting, town board members went into executive session with Dolores School Superintendent Scott Cooper to discuss another offer on the old maintenance lot owned by the town east of the high school campus.

When the town board came out of closed session, a motion was made to go ahead and enter into a lease agreement on the property.