Mud, pothole season arrives

While the groundhog reportedly did not see his shadow, it was sunny here in Dolores on Groundhog Day, so any prairie dog that ventured out, was likely to see his shadow. But regardless, it seemed like spring was on its way this week. And as usual the mud was bad. As the weather warmed, it wasn't hard to find mud in Dolores and potholes on the streets as well. Oh, the potholes. Town staff were busy assessing the pothole situation on several town streets, but it is still too cold and too muddy to do much about them. So be careful where you drive.


Speaking of potholes and mud, it may be the perfect time of year to get a load of gravel from McStone Aggregates in Dolores. You can bid on a load at the Teddy Bear Preschool this week and next week during the Preschool's silent auction. Stop by and take a look at the wonderful, donated items, they range from the load of gravel, an ultralight flight, dinners, jewelry, hats and much more. The auction ends on Feb. 14 at 9:03.


The wrestling league championships were held in Dolores Thursday night, an exciting time for local wrestlers.


Marlene Hazen, of Rico and of our paper, was headed to Steamboat Springs to participate in the Winter Carnival. It was guaranteed to be a good time as the carnival celebrated 100 years. Marlene was invited back to participate because she was the queen of the event many years ago. Stay tuned for more details.


Megan Tallmadge, of the Dolores school gardens is looking for a connection with local history and special apple varieties. Students will begin grafting lessons soon and the trees will then be raised in the school garden so that we can continue the stories, delicious apple varieties, and the students will learn how to care, prune and harvest fruit trees.

Apple Tree Hunt: Does your apple tree have a story that dates back 50, 75, or 100+ years? Can this tree help us learn more about the history of Dolores? Are your apples a special variety that is only found in Montezuma County? The third grade classes and I are excited to be teaming up with an apple expert to learn the stories of historic apple trees specific to this area. We hope to take cuttings, graft, plant, and document these trees within our school gardens. Please contact me at Megan at 882-5430. Thank you!



Feb. 8 - Tracey Walter, James M. Sparks, Tyler Tibbits, Glenda Eisenberger, Amber Brooke Derrick, Ashley Kelley Matthews, Nichole Graham, June Smith

Feb. 9 - Lillian Allen, Billie Atkinson, Elaine Carrigan Andersen, Don Fredriksen, Kristy Kay Coffman, Frank Hensen, Rick Stevens, Lana Hancock, Julie (Scrivner) McNamara

Feb.10 - Jim Williams, Mike Wofford, Dwayne Jones, April Rose Ragland

Happy Anniversary to Allen & Roxanne (VanPelt) Wurm

Feb.11 - Pat Omer, Lucy Nielson, Earl Broderick, Rhonda Pierce, Rebekah Lee Bryan

Feb. 12 - Sherry Wilderson, Steven Codding

Feb.13 - Barbara Millard, Myra Millard, Alan Thompson, Lorena Vallejos, Aubrey Lynne Lopez.

*Don't see your birthday here? Call 882-4486, to have yours or someone you know added to the list.