Students celebrate 100 days of learning

Today marks the 100th day of school for the students in Dolores. This, it seems, is a big deal, as it should be the students and teachers have been working really, really hard this year. The number 100 will be celebrated widely in all classrooms and students in most lower grades. We were asked to bring in 100 of something.

In our household, this was a tough decision. One hundred newspapers? Too heavy. One hundred noodles? Too boring. One hundred pennies? Done before.

We settled on 100 Legos. Because, well, we have A LOT of Legos in our house. And I was highly supportive of anything that gets those little buggers off the floor where they wait for my bare feet to step on them.


The elementary school was eerily quit on Wednesday without the kindergarten, first- and second-grade students. But tudents were thrilled to have a day off in the middle of the week. Older siblings, were not too happy about this situation, however.


It has been awhile since I have spotted the famous black goat in Dolores. If you have seen her, drop me a line at If not, let's all hope she has migrated to a warmer place for the winter.


Don't forget to celebrate at the Dolores River Brewery this weekend with the Beatles tribute band. It is also the pub's 11-year anniversary of opening in Dolores.

Speaking of anniversaries, the Ponderosa always celebrates theirs in February, on Valentine's Day to be exact. This year marks the 31st year Deanna Truelsen has owned the restaurant. Congratulations all the way around.


Driving to Colorado Springs over the weekend was a bit of an adventure, mostly because the roads were slick over Wolf Creek Pass. Which prompted a new saying in our family, "Wolf Creek Pass, just get over it." And that is exactly what we did, barely.



Feb. l - Jennifer Mead, Adrianne Marie Leach, Kevin Lyons

Happy Anniversary to Dean & Jeannette Roundtree.

Feb. 2 - Tatyana Castillo

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Feb. 4 - Ramona Francisco

Happy Anniversary to Bill & Joyce Hughes.

Feb. 5 - Betty Hunter, Brittanie Ann Fulks, Brooke Lee Picray

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