Student believes science fair was exciting experience

Dear Editor:

My science fair experience was mind blowing. I learned so much through other peoples' experiments as well as my own. The best part was explaining how my science fair project could help in everyday life. I was researching the "Speed of Electricity." In my research I found out how fast electricity goes and what is the fastest and best way to charge a cell phone or mobile device.

This year's science fair was held in the Dolores Middle School's main library, just big enough to fit about 50 science projects. Getting prepared for my science project was a lot more than putting a couple of chemicals together and making them explode. In my science fair project I talked about things such as the materials and procedure used in my science fair experiment. I also talked about the introduction which explains what my project was about. These are two examples of steps required for a science fair project.

I had a great two and a half months preparing for the science fair and was glad to get it finished. Some people had very interesting topics, for example, I found out how to use hydroelectricity and how to make crystals from scratch. In my opinion the science fair is a great opportunity to learn new things about our everyday lives.

Vassar Stepens

6th-Grade Dolores Middle School