High School Student of the Month


Darren Uptain


Parents: Robert and Earlene Uptain

Future Plans: My future plans are to attend Votech. There, I will study auto mechanics and welding. I also plan to pursue farming and agriculture in the area and continue my family's legacy.

If you could go back in history, who would you like to meet? If I could go back in history, I would like to meet Henry Ford. My prized possession is a 1952 Ford pickup which was my grandpa's, which my father and I restored.

Favorite class/subject: Vocational agriculture.

Who inspires you at the school? Mr. Munson inspires me because every day he works hard to give the best knowledge in government possible.

Three teachers nominated Darren.

Ms. Pyle wrote: Darren has maintained a 4.0 GPA all year. He is one of the hardest working students I know. He has excellent time management skills. He is a peer mentor at the middle school. He is an active member in FFA and he has a part-time job. Darren doesn't plan to attend college, but he knows what he wants to do when he graduates and he is taking the necessary steps to make his dreams a reality.

Ms. Ryan said: Darren is a self-starter and a wonderful help in the library. He is patient and kind when working with the elementary children and goes the extra mile to help them find books that fit their interest.

Mr. Munson wrote: Darren is the type of student that inspires me to work even harder. He is highly motivated and curious. His thirst for knowledge drives him to put in extra hours and exceed any expectation I may have. He exhibits characteristics I wish we had more of in our society, including being able to listen to opposing views and attention to important details. Rather than simple slogans, the ability to compromise and still honor his own principles. Darren is truly a gentleman and scholar.