Sheriff's report


A Montezuma County Sheriff Deputy responded to Sparks Plumbing in Dolores off of County Road N. The deputy was informed that five or six water heaters and 1 or 2 boilers had been stolen from the business, but a motion activated camera on the property had captured several images of the person who committed the crime.

Detectives, the deputy and an employee at the business recognized the person, so deputies went to find him at his place of work. He told deputies that he and his wife had loaded the kids up in the minivan to go "scrapping". The water heaters and boiler were returned to Sparks Plumbing and the man admitted to climbing a fence at another business and taking radiators which were then taken in for their recycling value.

The man said he felt everything he took was trash and needed the money to drive to Durango to get himself checked out for some health issues.


At approximately 9 a.m., a sergeant with the Montezuma County Sheriff's Department observed a 56-year-old man driving in Dolores in the area of 4th and Railroad. The sergeant knew the man did not have a valid driver's license, confirmed that fact with Cortez Dispatch before arresting the man for driving with a revoked license.


A deputy responded to North First Street in Dolores for a report of missing licence plates from a truck. The owner of the truck was cleaning it out because someone was going to buy it when he noticed the plates were missing. There were no footprints around the truck as discovered by the Montezuma County Sheriff's Deputy so it was difficult to pinpoint when the plates went missing. The plates were reported as stolen and the case was closed because of lack of suspects.