A mountain lion was spotted near Dolores

Bill Daily called me this week to let me know about an exciting sighting. Last week he was headed to Cortez with some friends and spotted a mountain lion on Road 25 near the intersection of T and T.5.

The others in the car saw the mountain lion too and it was less than 25 yards off the road at around 7 p.m.

Bill was excited about seeing the mountain lion as few of us get to see this elusive creature. Bill can often be found working at the West Fork Gallery in Dolores.


The Ouray Ice Climbing Festival is this weekend. Cold weather is definitely in store, so why not head over and check some of the world's best ice climbers do their thing. It may be fun to watch, but it looks dangerous and frankly, you would never catch me doing this. I like to be warm and I like keeping my feet on the ground thank you very much, but I think my fears of heights and frostbite may make watching these climbers that much more interesting and exciting.


I heard from Louie Edwards this week and he said his group is planning another march against the Forest Service and its proposed travel management plan, something they have done before, stay tuned for more details.


The Cowbelles are selling tickets to their one-of-a-kind brand quilt. They sell a brand quilt every year and they tell the story of ranchers in the area as they highlight local ranchers' brands. The quilts have gone to raffle for around 50 years. Now that is a lot of quilts, some of which now are highly collectable. Good luck, we could all use an extra quilt to keep warm this winter.


Mark Youngquist at the Dolores River Brewery was busy putting in new beer lines this week. He recently announced that he finished and the new lines made the beer taste great.


Carole Arnold at the Dolores Public Library said the library staff are currently interviewing for a newly created assistant librarian position.



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