Scenic skiing can still be had in Dolores

Even though the town of Dolores lost its snowmobile to a fire and won't be able to groom trails this winter, there is still lots of skiing to be had. Cross country skiers can be seen along the River Tail, in Joe Rowell and along the dry shores of McPhee Reservoir. Enjoy the snow.


I was off this week, visiting family in California. I hope you had a wonderful holiday. Wishing one and all a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year.



Jan. 4 - Kyle Herriman

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Jan. 6 - Patricia Jones

Jan. 7 - Sven Sluyter, Karen Kittlica, Megan Mortenson, Herschel Hampson, Dylan Howard, Delaney Michelle Warren.

Happy Anniversary to Dan & Sarah Yarborough

Jan. 8 - J. D. Rose, Joey L. Young, Alex Head

Jan. 9 - Arveta Haun, Bill Kenworthy, Chance Halverson, Cortney Brunner, Kristin Pierce

Jan. 10 - Eleanor LaLonde, David Hanson, Evonne Willis, Susie Honeycutt

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