One last chance to see the lights

If you happened to miss downtown Dolores at night this year, you missed something special. Everyone really went all out this year and decorated with Christmas lights. The town was aglow in beautiful light. If you missed it, you still might have time to check it out before the end of the year. It is really something special.

A few Dolores businesses have said they will leave their lights up all year, how festive.


The K9 Search and Rescue headquarters in Dolores was also lit up nicely. On one end of the building was a dog and on the other a very large dog bone. Chuck Melvin said the dog bone got covered on one end by the snow.


Speaking of Chuck Melvin, he said he has a puppy. He said he is training the puppy to be a search and rescue dog. That is good news. Chuck is wonderful with dogs and his last dog, Axel, was simply fantastic.


Teresa Howell at the Pony Expresso said that thanks to very generous people in Dolores, she was able to take a huge load of toys down to the NEST Child Advocacy Center.


If any of you watched National Lampoons Christmas Vacation this holiday season, I was told recently that parts of that movie were filmed in Hesperus. I didn't know that.


Everyone please have a Happy New Year, 2012 has had its ups and downs, but it was a great year because we were in Dolores. Take care, have a safe New Year and a prosperous 2013. And thank you for reading the Dolores Star. Remember, if it is Dolores news, read it first in the Dolores Star.



Dec. 28: Michael Beasley, Casey Filener, Robin Allmon, Jessa Grace Springer, Jim Marable, Joyce (Scrivner) Stephens

Dec. 29: Nikki Webb, Tressa Webb, J.H. Hodgson, Justin Neel, Brenn Jeter

Dec. 30: William James Linne, Dustin Noyes

Dec. 31: Charles Berry, Rob Carrigan, Nancy Scott, Mitchell Hoffman, Carl David Coffman, Thaddens Lee


Jan. 1: Brett Baeumel

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Jan. 3: Cara Starks, Annette Melton, Andrew Garcher, True Judson Tobiasson

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