Sales tax revenue dropped a bit over last year

The Town of Dolores recently release its sales tax revenue report for the year of 2012 and while the numbers are $12,389 less than last year's numbers, the numbers are not as low at town officials estimated, which is good news. In total, the year 2012 brought in $268,056 in sales tax revenue. In 2011 that number was $280,446 and in 2010 that number was $247,955 and in 2009 that number was $256,668.

December showed to be about $9,000 less in sales tax revenue over last year. October and November showed to be bigger than 2011 in terms of sales tax revenue, which was good news to the town considering it lost two businesses to fire in August.

All in all, town officials weren't disappointed in the numbers but are hoping, of course, for a bigger year in 2013.