New water line completed in Rico

System likely won't go online until new year

At the regular Town Board meeting on Dec. 19, Town Manager Michael England reported the new waterline installation was completed Nov. 28 and pressure tested. There were five major leaks on the new line just south of the S-curves. This area is located in solid rock that was shot and excavated out. This left a very narrow trench and when the trench boxes were pulled ahead it somehow pulled the pipe with it. These leaks were repaired along with exposing the majority of the other joint connections to assure they did not move. The town is currently waiting on Brooks Well Service to install the soft-start on the motor for the well pump, also install the radio read on the storage tanks. The radio read will allow the well pump to turn automatically when the water in the storage tanks drops to a certain level. Brooks Well Service had problems locating the correct transducer to make this happen. Brooks Well Service stated they should have this work completed within the next week. The town may have to wait until the first of the year to begin using the new well system rather than start a new system over the holidays.

Regarding EPA/STAG funding, the town received word that Mohammad Razzazian is leavng EPA and will no longer be the town's contact. The town will receive notice of a new contact concerning the town's proposed water distribution project.

The town received a letter from Jay Montgomery (town's water attorney) stating he will not longer be working full time for Moses, Wittemyer, Harrison and Woodruff P. C. Patricia DeChristopher will be taking Mr. Montgomerys' place and will be the contact for any future water issues for the town. Ms. DeChristopher completed the town's renewal application for the town's conditional decree of 2.72 cfs and is very familiar with the town's water decrees.

The town has been in contact with Ed Morlan regarding the SWCCOG fiber project. The town has not been able to obtain any information that will assist the town in making a decision to continue with the town's financial portion for the fiber project. The town's portion of the project is $81,000 with the town contributing $25,000 in cash as the town's match. For $81,000 the town will be allowed to improve internet service to the town hall, school and the fire station. The town will own the new fiber lien and will be responsible for maintenance and expenses. The town needs to determine in the near future if this project is in the best interest of the town for amount of funding required. Mr. England stated he enclosed the recent correspondence from Ed Morlan and past billings to the town for this project.