Remember to thank those that work hard in the community

Dear Editor:

Thanking the wonderful Dolores Community has been on my "to do" list since I arrived here a dozen or so years ago. I love this small Colorado town where our unique campus meets the needs of all students from pre-school ages through high school, an ideal multi-age setting. In my 14 years as an educator, I have taught all grade levels in most areas of the curriculum in four states; Colorado leads our nation in so many initiatives meant to ensure our continued shift toward proficiency for all students.

I am so proud of Dolores and all of my students who work hard every day. We are all doing our best to become better readers, writers, scientists, researchers, mathematicians, geographers and thinkers. We are learning to ask questions and consider the value of the various texts that we read. We work hard to learn from our mistakes and accept feedback to improve our work, together with the support of teachers, school staff, peers and parents.

I am so grateful to be here in Dolores with wonderful students, fabulous colleagues, innovative administrators, a caring, highly qualified Board of Education and parents who support the educational process. Our work together is invaluable, raising citizens who have a global perspective and who can apply higher level, 21st Century thinking skills with common sense throughout all settings.

Thank you, Dolores Community, for your support of the bond, which will help to modernize our facilities, raising pride among our students and faculty; building a stronger community. This improvement in our learning environment will revolutionize our work together, continuing our tradition of excellence.

This time of year always brings me to an introspective time of inventory and analysis. Among the aspects of my life that I am most grateful for are my dedicated husband, my blossoming son and his amazing school, my parents and family, my professional growth and relationships in my work as a teacher, my beautiful friends and the honor of teaching in a community that values safe and healthy learning environments. As we continue to do our best, please remember to say thank you to the people who spend their days working hard with your own children, 'tis the season! So, once again, thank you Dolores Community for being such a positive place to live, I hope the next 12 years are just as wonderful!


Sue Garlick