The scientific mind

Students showcase experiments

ABBY JONES, 12, explains her science fair project to judges Tuesday in the Dolores Middle School Library. Her experiment was on which substance would cool soda fastest.

It was a battle of the brains Tuesday at the Dolores Middle School Library during the annual science fair.

In all, 97 projects were on display asking those burning questions that many students have: such as, which ranch dressing has more calories? How do you cool down a soda fast? Is smiling really contagious?

In the end, after grueling interviews by judges, the winners were announced.

8th grade

1st: Kayleen Bowie "Sugar Rush"

2nd: Abby Malarchick "Burning Up"

7th grade

Best of Show- Cameron Elder "Hydro vs. Wind"

1st: Zenda Olson and Tayonna Gallegos "Energy Solar Panels Produce"

2nd Tie:Tel Hamilton "1-800-Fire-Stoppers" and Bri Suckla "Bacteria Kills"

3rd Tie: Josie Majors "Horse Hoof Care" and Josh Corbitt and Courtney Corbitt "Lie Detection"

Honorable Mentions:

David Plubell "The Electro-Magnet"

Justin Purkat "Archery Accuracy"

Jacob Knuppel "Tire Time Test"

David Schmittel "Bullet Penetration"

Olivia Story "Music and Noise to Our Ears"

Sierra Schwartz "Soil Erosion"

6th Grade:

1st: Dakota Smith "Hydroelectricity"

2nd: Maggie Copeland "Maple Syrup- Not Just for Pancakes Anymore"

3rd Tie: Lyndi Belt "Crazy Crystal Growth" and Aryelle Wright "I Heard it on the Radio"

Honorable Mentions:

Abby Jones "What Will Cool Soda the Fastest?"

Ryan Cutrone "Hovercraft vs. Environments"

Codi Archuleta "Brown Apples"

Kortni Spurlock "Yogurt 100% Good"

Brennan Hite "Under the Armor"

Tawnee Benavidez "Wash, Wash, Wash it Out"

These students will advance to the regional science fair, which is held at the Durango Fairgrounds on March 7, 2013.

"We had really creative and well done projects this year," said teacher Kayla Hanson." One comment we heard frequently from the judges was how well our students were able to explain their project and understood heir scientific research."