Dolores gets a bit of snow, then a lot of cold

On Sunday, many of us woke up to a splendid sight - snow. But it didn't snow long and soon, the ground was bare again. When the snow clouds blew away, bitter cold set in. Now, I know it may seem like I am complaining a bit, but when it is around 9 degrees in the morning, after we have had the night-time lows in the 30s and the highs in the 50s for so long, it just seemed rather sudden. Spoiled I guess we were by the late fall. And it got me thinking about how when weather is concerned, the perception is often relative to what you are used to.

It was also so cold that the Dolores Elementary School kept its students inside for recess for a few mornings. When asked, I was told that if it is below 10 degrees, the students get to stay inside.

So I started thinking, when do elementary students get to go inside in California or maybe North Dakota?

As an education reporter in California, I remember it wasn't the bitter cold that sent kids indoors, it was air quality, I lived in an area that was often ranked worse in air quality than the Los Angeles area. So a bad air day, meant an inside recess day.

A quick call up to Fargo, North Dakota revealed that they don't bring children in unless the temperature drops below 18 degrees below zero, with the wind chill factor taken into account. Of course, all students are required to wear boots, hats, gloves, jackets and snow pants. Brrr.


It was reported by Town Manager Ryan Mahoney that Travis Giddings is making plans to rebuild the Hollywood. Giddings is now the only owner of the Hollywood and he recently met with the town to discuss his options. Mahoney reported that Giddings is working on financing construction and a business plan.


Also on the Hollywood front, Undersheriff Robin Cronk reported at the Town Board meeting Monday that their detectives had a lead on the case. When questioned about the lead Tuesday, Cronk said the lead was a dead end. It was on Aug. 2 this year that the historic bar was burned to the ground by an arsonist, along with the gallery next door. So far no suspects have been arrested.


The preschoolers gave a fabulous Christmas concert last week. It is always fun to see all of the little ones dressed up. And while I did enjoy watching them all sing, even my favorite "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer," I had a hard time seeing one little one. My daughter, Ava, found a comfortable spot on stage hiding behind the kids in front of her. She is small and it was very easy for her to do this. Good thing I put a shiny bow on her head, for during the concert I would see a sparkle here and there and know that she hadn't made an escape.


Santa was the popular guy at the Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony at Town Hall Saturday night. He gave out huge candy bars courtesy of the Galloping Goose Historical Society.


The craft show at the Dolores River Brewery on Saturday was well attended and it was fun to visit and see how talented our local residents are.


Don't miss the sign in front of Lizard Head Cyclery. Owner Nicholas Ian Tyson Jones, along with friends and a few students, built all of it out of recycled bike parts. There is a reindeer and wreath and a skeleton santa. You just have to see this creative holiday decor.



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