Town Board pursues pump track in Rico

The Rico Fire Protection District will hold their regular meeting on Dec. 10 at 7 p.m. at the Rico Courthouse at 2 N. Commercial Street. On the agenda under old business is Ambulance Billing/Business Options. EMT-B Class Training Prioritization: Roster Policy. New Business is 2013 Budget and 2013 Work Plan.

At the regular Rico Town Board meeting held on Nov. 14, Town Manager Michael England reported on the Water Project. BWR has completed the installation of the new 2.2 miles of new 6” transmission line from the well site to the town distribution line in Piedmont. Polaris Drilling has completed the boring section of the pipeline. Polaris Drilling was not able to complete the bore as proposed, so 450’ was blasted along the state highway and excavated out. Reclamation and seeding at the well site and along the state highway was completed the week of Oct. 29. The town is waiting on San Miguel Power to complete their work and tie electrical service into the Chlorination Building. This work is scheduled for the week of Nov. 19. In order to complete the new electrical service to the well house, the power will be shut off for approximately 2 to 3 hours in Rico. To date, including the November pay request, the town has paid BWR Constructors Inc. $1,116,773.10 of the contract amount of $1,293,821.00. It anticipated the new water source and waterline will be in service to the community by December 1.

Stag Grant: The Town has completed the reporting requirements to EPA regarding the awarded STAG funds of $964,300. The Town currently is on schedule and will need to find matching funs up to $700,000 this coming year. The Town has until 2014 to utilize and complete the proposed replacement of the town’s current water distribution system with these awarded funds.

Regarding the Median Income Survey, Mr. England stated he is working through the Department of Local Affairs office in Grand Junction to determine if the town can lower the estimated Median Income Level in Rico. The Town was given information from the State Revolving Fund (SRF) the town’s Median Income Level, based on the 2010 U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey data is $54,046. In order to continue to receive the disadvantaged loans of 0 percent to 2 percent and apply for grants/principle forgiveness, the town needs to be at 61 percent of the state average. This amount for Rico would be $32,968.06. Mr. England is not sure at this point if the town can meet this requirement with a new survey, it may be a waste of time and effort. These types of survey are difficult and timely to pursue with limited results. The Town will continue to research this need.

Under Board of Trustees Report, Joe Corey still wants to pursue with the pump track near the town maintenance building. Jim Kahn will also do some research too.

Under Old Business regarding Speed Control, Town Manager Michael England reports that Dolores County Sheriff Jerry Martin stated a certain grant that he was after was not available but will research other grants for the speed control.