Bringing it on

THE DOLORES High School Cheerleaders pose in Grand Junction with their first-place tropy. Top row from left to right: Coach Shauna Wark, Joleen Williams,Angelique Velasquez, Melissa McKinney, Megan Murfield, Asst. Coach Savanah Schenck. Second row left to right: Mary Nelligan, Krystal Davis, Andee Wark, Rachel NelliganBottom row: Katie Williams and Shavargus Noyes. Not pictured: Ashley Whatcott, Ashley Rosenbaugh, Jaden Halsey, Jaycee Halsey, Annika Strunce, Abby Strunce.

The Dolores High School cheerleaders walked away with top honors recently at a competition in Grand Junction.

The girls took home a first-place trophy at the National Cheerleaders Association regional competition and their coaches are cheering these girls’ praises.

“They did so well,” said coach Shauna Wark.

In fact, the girls did so well at the competition, which involved stunts, cheers and dance, they were invited by judges to attend the national competition.

“It had to do with their performance levels,” Wark said.

But, alas, the girls won’t go to the national competition, in Dallas, Texas on Jan. 12. The trip is too expensive and the girls just don’t have enough time to raise the money, Wark said.

So instead, the girls are concentrating on the Dec. 8 state competition in Denver.

There are about 18 girls on the cheerleading team.

Assistant coach Savanah Shenk said the girls did well on the cheer portion of the competition and despite some injuries, still managed to pull off the win.

Shenk said she is working on organizing a community night so that everyone can see the cheerleaders’ routine.

Shenk said it wasn’t an easy win.

“There was tough competition and we were going against all-star teams,” she said.