Snow dances needed, desperately

This weather has been beautiful, but I canít help but feel a little guilty at enjoying the weather. We need snow and we need snow bad. The lake is so very low and if we donít get snow, next year is going to be a tough one indeed. Everywhere you go, people are talking about the weather. Skiers and snow lovers are a bit disappointed. Dolores Elementary School Principal Sherri Maxwell said the other night that it seems odd this time of year to go out at recess and see children running around without jackets.

The lake is so low that a few Dolores residents are taking advantage of the easy access to May Canyon. The mouth of May Canyon normally empties into McPhee Reservoir, but now you can drive right up to the canyon and hike up it.

I ask everyone to do their best snow dance. If that doesnít work, next week I will write a story about the horrendous drought. It seems that every time I do something like that and put it on the front page, it will rain or snow. I always chuckle to myself when I, or a colleague, do stories on droughts and it rains and people call in saying their newspaper is soggy.


There is a new place to get your Dolores Star and Cortez Journal. Stop by the new Pony Expresso coffee shop in town and pick up a paper and a yummy cup of coffee.


Karlaís Kitchen served a good 150 people on Thanksgiving this year, a wonderful tradition that started last year. About 13 turkeys were cooked up, along with ham and over 100 pounds of mashed potatoes. Karla also cooked up many, many pies. The dinner is Karlaís way of giving to those in the area that may not have family in town for the holidays.


Officials at the Dolores School District estimated that about 900 free turkey meals were given out the week before Thanksgiving as a thank you to all community members for passing 3C.


A Verizon cell tower is in the works, so those in Dolores with Verizon cell service may get a boost. The company is in negotiations with the school district, but no word has been received yet on when exactly Verizon service will improve in our valley town.



Nov. 30: Torben Sluyter, Kristy Becher, Ingrid Niesen, Zenia Stock Brink, Barbara Broderick, Melissa Brunner

Happy Anniversary to Herb & Paula Webb.


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