I hope the judge is lenient


I hope I’m home the day a wildfire roars up the canyon on our property, because if I am prevented from getting home during a fire, I might very well react the same way John McHenry did when he was prevented from going to his property during the recent Roatcap Fire. The big difference would be that, because I am much older than John, I can’t run very fast. The sheriff’s officer would have been able to tase me, and I would probably have died!

Sure, John was wrong in how he reacted, but he was desperate to get home. I feel the sheriff’s officer should have used some discretion. He could have written John’s name and contact information in his notebook, and allowed him to go home. As it turned out, the McHenry home was not harmed, but he did suffer destroyed fences, lost quite a bit of winter pasture and perhaps more. Now he has the consequences of his desperate actions to suffer as well. I hope the judge is lenient.

David Sanford