Rico neighbor heads to the Baja 1,000 race

Well — I swear that if we do not cool off soon the aspen will begin to think that it is springtime and will begin to bud! In fact, I checked our lilac bush just to be sure that it was not happening. It has been perfect football weather and, thinking back (way back), one remembers those wonderful fun times. In those days, we sported our mum corsages and dressed up for the game. No comments from the “peanut gallery,” please.

Our fine Masonic members met this week at the Rico Lodge with a good turnout. Those attending were Glen Baer, Mickey Blower, Glen Fish, Mark Walker, Mike Wheeler (dual member from Australia), Peter DuMont, Richard Lincoln and Ken Hazen. Another Mason from out-of-state, Brian Hart, is applying for his dual membership with our Rico Lodge.

The Anderson Company that is heading up the ongoing cleanup project regarding the run-off of contaminated water from certain mines close to Rico will be making some necessary changes as far as working here throughout the winter. They face an awesome engineering problem with this contamination issue and the work will continue with a smaller crew throughout the winter whether weather slows them down here or not. We will miss them, but look forward to the coming of springtime in the Rockies and their return to Rico.

Jim Polzin of Rico and Apache Junction, Ariz., was back in town recently enjoying the temperate climate and, as always, he does some work on the cabin trying to keep up with what Mother Nature allows to happen with the wind and freezing temperatures and all that. That family have been part-time residents of Rico for several generations and they keep their little old cabin in fine condition.

This is third rifle season and we know that there are still some fine bull elk in the area. It was reported to us that someone harvested a 6 by 6 last Monday somewhere close to Rico.

Neighbor Benn Vernadakis and his “Fines Double” Baja Racing Team are leaving for the Baja this week. The real biggie, the “Baja 1000” begins on the 15th. It is the sport pickup class which involves these vehicles that “go really fast over really rough terrain” is how Benn described the event and I just hope that the pot is full of money if they win because in the last race they blew their engine! The winning time is somewhere around 28 hours ... that must be absolutely brutal. Just traveling down to make the race takes a monstrous effort on their part. We wish them luck.