Firefighters are a blessing

Don’t forget to vote

Wow, it was a busy end of the month. As many of us spent the last few weeks of October wading through political advertisements, a group of Dolores residents were evacuated from their homes and some left homeless for one night as the Roatcap Fire grew into a menacing and fast-moving threat.

I have seen escaped fires in the area before, usually from a ditch burning, and they usually stay contained in a field and char a field black. This fire was moving so fast, it only left a trail through the hay fields it reached, as the 60 mph winds whipped it across those fields and toward homes.

The fire got close to some homes, and firefighters were able to keep any homes from being lost.

Kuddos to the firefighters. Not one structure was lost in the wind-fueled fire and everyone was able to go back home and wade through political ads again.

Donít forget to vote on Nov. 6. Locally, one of the easiest questions to answer, is whether or not to support 3C. The Dolores students, teachers and administrators have shown that they are some of the best in the state, when they were accredited with distinction last year. We owe it to them to vote for the bond, so the facilities can match that caliber.

The Dolores Star has been writing about how the science building on the Dolores High School campus is in need of replacement for over 20 years. Letís finally do something about it!

The rest of the decisions arenít as easy to make. Good luck. Watch for coverage of the election Tuesday night online at and on the Dolores Star Facebook page.

If our firefighters and local emergency crews were running, we would vote for you, hands down. For under extreme pressure, you know what to do and know what is important ó our lives.