Rico firefighters helped fight fast moving fire near Dolores

Our Rico Volunteer Fire Department team were called into action last Wednesday, October 24th to fight a fast moving wildfire erupted south of Dolores and east of highway 145 above Cortez in the area of road P and road 29. As far as we know, it began as an accident. It became a raging, dangerous situation that eventually consumed something like 400 acres. Several fire crews as far away as Farmington were called. Our crew equipped with wildfire gear and equipment were in the thick of the disaster, which was pretty scary in a couple of instances. Our fire department is tops in their field-home fires and that kind of thing, a wild fire is another situation, but all the different communities called to serve did an excellent job and came home, after working all night, to rest and returned to help “mop up” as soon as the fire was controlled and the dangerous wind finally died down. No homes were destroyed-they were top priority and there must have been 20-30 in the area. We commend the entire fire crews and Chiefs for a tremendous job well done! A local neighbor has been cited for causing the disaster.

Rico never had a high school built and students had to find a way to either stay with a family for four years like Rico’s Todd Jones did or have available transportation to drive down to Dolores daily. So, therefore, you all must have enjoyed the football games during your tenure! Just wanted to tell you that Dolores whipped Cortez JV 65-0 and Ignacio 47-6 this season! They may not make the finals, but they are holding their own!

Marilyn Griebel (Gerry) celebrated another birthday last week!

Rico Historical Society President Mike Curran has been house sitting our wonderful new Rico Museum these days. After first rifle season, he has been taking it easy, enjoying this beautiful country, hikingand serving our town in his capacity. When the breeze is cold and the interior of the museum is the same, he retreats into his Jeep out front and reads his book! Which brings up a subject that needs to be addressed one of these days — some type of heating for the building. There is no rush, just something to deal with in the future. The old fire place at the back of the main floor is in fine working order and is being used!

It was snowing up on Lizard Head pass when we received our 2 inches of snow. Just a reminder that it is time to check your tires to see if you are in shape for winter driving. Some of our citizen’s even use studded tires, can’t hurt! When one commutes daily over the mountain pass, you need the best. There is comfort in knowing that our CDOT crew do the best job possible to keep the roads safe up there.

Marlene Hazen has lived in Rico for two decades. An active member of the community, she participates in organizations such as the Rico Women’s Club and Rico Historical Society.