Christmas in October

A few Dolores residents felt as if they entered a time warp this weekend when they stepped out their front doors and thought it was Christmas. Apparently the lights on the side of the hill were twinkling and lighting up the night sky with its Peace on Earth message. I am told that the Rotary Club was getting the lights ready for the Christmas season, checking bulbs and trimming bushes, something they have done for years and years, and forgot to turn them off. So a few of you, walked outside and thought, “Oh no, it’s Christmas already, I am really not ready.”


And speaking of Christmas — I know there is that word again, but it really will be here before we know it — two Dolores residents approached the Town Board on Monday and wanted this Christmas to be beautiful. Sheila Wheeler and Michael Green told the board that they have been going around town asking if businesses around Flanders Park and Town Hall will go all out this Christmas season with lights.

“It would be nice to have the trees in the park lit up as well as outline the train station with lights,” Green said.

Town Manager Ryan Mahoney said he would look into costs and possibly going in with local businesses to get a discount on lights. The issue will be discussed again at the November meeting, the second Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m.


Also on Monday, the Dolores Town Board got to tour the sewer plant in Dolores. Town Manager Ryan Mahoney organized the tour for our town leaders to give them an idea of how the town works. It is easy to take it all the for granted, one town leader said. When you flush the toilet, it doesn’t go away.



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