Poor-performing gas wells being plugged

Several poor-performing gas wells north of Narraguinnep Reservoir are being plugged.

In 2009, the Bill Barrett Corp. installed wildcat wells on private land north of Road X to tap natural gas trapped in the Gothic shale formation 6,000 to...


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Dolores still hoppin'

Dolores is wrapping up the summer season, but there are still some festivals and events coming up.

The Riverfront Bar and Grill is hosting a...

Durango Dolores still hoppin'
 Colorado 380x230

Kayla Mott looks on as Monica Michel helps Taylin Weber put ink on her fingers. The girls were putting fingerprints on child identification kits during the Dolores Library Program in June. The theme o...

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Father of drowned Syrian boys: Overloaded boat flipped

Father of drowned Syrian boys: Overloaded boat flipped and I realized they were all dead


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